Sunday, November 20, 2016

Will Trump Call A Constitutional Convention ???

Here is one of the scariest things I have read all year:

While controlling the White House and both chambers of Congress is nice, the Holy Grail of politics for many conservatives would be to assemble a constitutional convention - and now they are really close.

After all, any laws the GOP-dominated Congress passes next year and sends to President Donald Trump for his signature would still have to overcome pesky problems such as procedural hurdles in the Senate and a constitutional review by the courts. So wouldn’t it be nice to be able to skip that step and amend the Constitution directly without involving Washington politicians?

That dream is now within reach. When the state legislatures elected last week will convene, Republicans will control 33 of them. According to Article V of the Constitution, they only need one more to call for a constitutional convention.

While proponents of such a gathering proclaim that its scope could be limited to, for example, a balanced budget amendment or congressional term limits, nobody is actually sure how such a convention would work and what would happen.

And that should frighten Americans.

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I'm not frightened because it's Trump who might do this; there is NO ONE whom I trust to revise my Constitution.

The so-called "problems" which some claim necessitate changing the US Constitution are red herrings. We got to where we are now NOT because that document is flawed or outdated, but because "our" leaders have refused to follow it - IN SPITE OF THEIR OATHS OF OFFICE.

No oath breaker should be allowed to serve in our government, let alone revise its fundamental structure.

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