Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Can Robots Keep Secrets ???

Google's quest for AI continues apace:

... neural networks aren’t artificial intelligence per se, but they’re a key stepping stone towards creating a “real” AI which isn’t designed to perform a particular function but can instead learn and adapt just like a human would. While we probably still have a long way to go until we reach that goal, some important advancements are already being made on an almost daily basis. We’re currently still at a stage in which the most powerful neural networks are being programmed in a rather narrow manner so that they can focus on learning to perform a single task as efficiently as possible. Cue Google Brain deep learning research project which recently managed to teach neural networks to create their own cryptographic algorithms and use them to encrypt their internal communications.

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Now that's just great - not only will robots and AI be smarter than us, they will have the ability to keep secrets.

And how is this a good thing? It seems we're creating the perfect, invulnerable enemy of the human race.

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