Thursday, November 10, 2016

One Of The Most Absurd Things I've Ever Heard

Here's what the Mayor of Oakland had to say about the anti-Trump rioting in his city:

Last night was Oakland, as so often before, our city became the backdrop for a demonstration and a proletarian march. Nearly 7,000 people poured into our streets to express their indignation and indignation at the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States. People in cities from Washington, DC to Los Angeles did the same. Unfortunately, the similarities of the events end here, because at the end of the peaceful demonstrations our businessmen and all of Oakland was inflicted harm.

Numerous companies, including many of our small businesses and other institutions that are vital to the citizens of Oakland, have been hard hit. Graffiti and broken windowpanes were left by a group of anarchists who had made these otherwise peaceful protests to leave nothing but destruction.

I know it's no comfort for them, but I'll tell you why our police can not stop these actions. The police, who are responsible for the security of the assemblies and our church during these protests, is often the target of the attacks. If they intervene to stop an act of vandalism, they themselves become the target, which can lead to an escalation of violence, but not to the prevention of vandalism.

This is the very difficult situation of circumstances that we are dealing with. We deeply regret that your companies will continue to be targets, but we want you to know that we are working hard on a tactic to prevent this in the future. Nevertheless, we also want to preserve the values ​​that we as citizens of Oakland and Americans value - even if this balancing act is so difficult.

You can read the rest @ [translation required]

If you recall, police had no problem attacking peaceful, unarmed protesters during the "occupy" movement. Now we're supposed to believe they cannot be used to quell violent protests?

What a bunch of crap.

If you also recall, the South was so angry over the election of Abraham Lincoln that they attacked Fort Sumter, starting our first civil war. If these so-called "protests" are not nipped in the bud, we may very well see another such war break out in our midst.

Insurrection is a crime. If the cities and states won't prosecute it, then the federal government should step in ... and they better do it soon.

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