Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Coming Kingdom Of G-d

Will this man someday be the king of Israel?

[Rabbi Yitzchak] Ginsburgh’s followers view him as no less than a prophet.

“Secular Zionism is stagnant and has nothing left to offer. Even Bibi [Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu] does not know how to cope with terror,” said Tzviki Basok, a 29-year-old resident of the tiny West Bank settlement of Ahaia who identified himself as a devoted Ginsburgh follower. A father of six, Basok wore a dark-brown flat cap on his head, slim glasses on his nose, and a perpetually friendly smile that his shaggy beard could not quite hide. “Ginsburgh,” he said, is the “only one who is willing to take responsibility over the entirety of the Jewish nation, according to Torah.”

But Ginsburgh is not just about violence against Palestinians. His wide network of schools and communities has, until recently, been financially supported by the Israeli government and continues to receive funding from private donors in the United States and Israel. And he has a vision for the state’s future: He wants to dismantle it. In its place, he seeks to establish a Jewish monarchy. Indeed, some of his followers hope to crown Ginsburgh himself as their king. And though the number of Israelis openly advocating this right now is relatively small, they have a penchant for action that has given them a disproportionate impact on events.

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If you think we've got problems in the Middle East now, wait until this rabbi and his followers take over.

The question before us is this - do we believe in the Bible? REALLY believe?

If the answer is YES, then the US should be swept away by the Kingdom of G-d.

If the answer is NO, then Israel should be condemned for the racist, sexist, apartheid regime it is becoming ... and subject to the sanctions which such a regime merits.

This may be the defining issue of our age.

By the way, I don't think Rabbi Ginsburgh’s version of the Kingdom of G-d has any room for Jesus Christ or for Christians. Many of you are due for a rude shock when the Jewish Kingdom of G-d comes into being [with the full support and resources of the USA at its disposal]. That's when the killing of Christians will begin in earnest.

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  1. Also by the way, I do not blame the coming Christian Holocaust on Rabbi Ginsburgh or anyone else. When it occurs, it will be G-d's will and His alone.