Saturday, November 19, 2016

Is NASA Ignoring Evidence Of UFOs ???

Here is a video which claims to show evidence of a large sphere passing between the Earth and the Sun:

Several similar videos have surfaced this year, but so far NASA seems to be ignoring them. What's up with that? If the videos are real, an explanation is warranted. If they are fake, please tell us. We The People are paying for NASA, aren't we?

My theory is that if UFO aliens exist, the earthly powers that be (TPTB) are in contact with them and plan to sell them the "excess" human population for their food supply. That's why TPTB are encouraging humans to stop smoking - aliens don't like the taste of human flesh.

By the way, I do not understand or support the "divine rods" and "blue spheres" statements made on the video. Nor do I understand why it is narrated by a computer-like voice.

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