Saturday, November 19, 2016

Jews Are Banning Prayer In Jerusalem ???

Here is the latest from the land of the self-proclaimed "chosen people":

In response to the Israeli government’s plan to prohibit the call to prayer in the city, Jerusalemites climbed onto the roofs of their houses and recited the call to prayer all together.

In video footage which is circulating on social media, residents can clearly be heard reciting the call to prayer in protest of the law to ban it in Jerusalem.

Churches in Nazareth showed solidarity by broadcasting the call to the night prayer in response to attempts to prohibit the call of prayer being broadcasted from Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Over the past two weeks, Israel has been working to ban the Muslim call to prayer, the athan. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has supported the a bill to outlaw the religious calling, saying: “Israel is a state that respects the freedom of worship for all believers and it is committed to protecting those who suffer from noise which is caused by the loudspeakers.”

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Netanyahu's response is BS. This banning of the call to prayer is an attack on Islam and is indicative of Israel's status as a bigoted apartheid state which has no respect for any religion except Judaism.

Eventually Christianity will be banned from Jerusalem too. And you will have payed for it.

Are you happy now?

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