Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Will Obama Pardon Illegal Immigrants ???

OMG !!! This is the worst thing I've heard all year!

When the history of President Obama’s legacy on immigration is written, he will not go down as the president who boldly acted to protect millions of families from the brutality of our nation’s unforgiving immigration laws. The Supreme Court made sure of that last month, when it deadlocked on the legality of his program to defer the deportation of parents of American citizens and residents. Instead, he will be judged on what he actually did: deport more immigrants than any other president in American history, earning him the moniker “deporter in chief.”

However, President Obama can still act to bring humanity and justice to an immigration system notoriously lacking in both. He can do so by using the power the Constitution grants him - and only him - to pardon individuals for “offenses against the United States.”

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"Humanity and justice"? For whom? Certainly not for the millions of natural born citizens whom he has betrayed and apparently will continue to betray.

Can a Presidential pardon be overturned by another President? I certainly hope so. No "double jeopardy" would be involved.

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