Sunday, July 3, 2016

Who Wants To Be A Cyborg ???

Here they come - the cyborgs:

What’s a cyborg to do when customs officials ask him to remove his antenna for a passport photo? Or when the same antenna is damaged by a Barcelona cop who mistakes it for a video camera? If you’re Neil Harbisson you fight back, which is why he formed the Cyborg Foundation in 2010 along with collaborator and fellow cyborg, Moon Ribas.

“It’s basically to promote cyborg art and cyborgism as a social art movement, to help people become cyborgs and to identify cyborg rights – so the right to have surgery and the right to be identified as being technology,” he explains from their home in New York.

According to the foundation a wave of new cyborgs will be breaking at the end of the summer – and now you can be one, too. The foundation’s sister organization, Cyborg Nest, is currently taking orders for North Sense, an implant that detects magnetic north, which will become available in September for roughly $300. If this sounds nutty to you, perhaps it’s your age. According to Harbisson, young people are flocking to the idea of enhancing or adding to their senses through technology.

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Personally, I would rather spend the rest of my life experiencing the real world using the five senses G-d gave me. I will leave this "brave new world" to the young, who seem to be the ones most interested in it.

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