Saturday, July 9, 2016

We've Got Plenty Of Money

Yep, the MSM has been lying to us:

Senator Bernie Sanders was on MSNBC recently doing a panel discussion on some show, I don't remember which, they all tend to blur together. He was quiet and soft-spoken, a shadow of the thunderclap who had taken the nation by storm and very nearly upset the applecart of The Anointed One. Time and again, he came back to the point he clearly showed up to make: free tuition for public colleges and universities in the US.

After he left, the panel hunkered down to chew over the interview. One of the panelists, some bespectacled groan of a George Will wannabe - he had it all, from the butter-comb hairdo to the sad preppie sport coat with moths in the pockets from 1952 - made it abundantly clear that he respected Sen. Sanders very much, but his free tuition idea was a non-starter because we just don't have the money. The rest of the panelists bowed their heads in solemn agreement, yes yes yes, oh yes yes yes, like apostles praying to the God of Austerity.

No no no, and furthermore no no no, and also no again, damn it. This is the grand fiction we labor under, assiduously promoted not only by the "news" media but by a pack of presidential candidates who seem to have been trained better than the Lipizzaner Stallions. "We don't have the money," lather rinse repeat.


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Agreed. There is plenty of money, but it's being stolen by billionaires and wasted by the Pentagon.

Monies in the public purse should ONLY be spent to benefit We The People. Instead they are benefiting oligarchs and their corporations. Why are we tolerating this?

I do have a problem with the "free college" concept, however. There are no jobs, so what will all the new grads do?

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