Sunday, July 10, 2016

One Last Time - Why Libya Was Destroyed

I have written about this before, but it's worth repeating one last time before the growing tidal wave of lies and distortions known as the Second Coming of the Clintons overwhelms our collective ability to tell fact from fiction:

It was not a personal decision of Hillary Clinton to eliminate Qaddafi and destroy his entire state infrastructure. The decision, it’s now clear, came from circles very high in the US money oligarchy. She was merely another Washington political tool implementing the mandate of those oligarchs. The intervention was about killing Qaddafi’s well-laid plans to create a gold-based African and Arabic currency to replace the dollar in oil trades. Since the US dollar abandoned gold exchange for dollars in 1971 the dollar in terms of gold has dramatically lost value. Arab and African OPEC oil states have long objected to the vanishing purchasing power of their oil sales, mandated since the 1970’s by Washington to be solely in US dollars, as dollar inflation soared more than 2000% to 2001.

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You can expect several other nations to be destroyed during her Presidency, including our own. We had a good run, but now the powers that be have decided that it's over. You will obey them, or else.

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