Wednesday, July 13, 2016

North Koreans Are Connected

Here are some observations from a North Korean "defector":

Park said the contrast between the US and her home country was vast. "I feel like I'm living in a different universe and I can see both sides," she told Business Insider.

"Americans are great people," she said, adding that she did miss one thing about North Korea.

"What I miss about North Korea is the human connection you get," Park said. "We didn't have text messages. I'm so grateful that I learned how to connect with someone without a phone, without text messages."

In the US, Park said, this real-life connection is lacking. "We have every tool to love someone and love ourselves, but somehow we are so disconnected," she said.

"When I call people here, they are like: 'Why are you calling me? Just text me.' I say: 'I want to hear your voice.' I think that's the irony I feel in this place," she added.

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Yep, I feel it too. We're becoming robots. We have lots of Facebook "friends" but few real connections. Meanwhile, the robots are becoming more human.

Hmmm ...

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