Saturday, June 11, 2016

Is Your Gold Made Of Paper ???

Something funny has been happening in the gold market for quite some time:

For more than three years we have watched the COMEX very closely. The initial clue to begin watching were the waterfall events where the amounts of paper gold and silver sold simply dwarfed what was being mined. I have said many times after the smackdowns, “first, no one has this much (gold or silver), second, no trader would ever sell in this fashion and destroy the price he will receive for the sale. Clearly the sales were done to affect price downward”. Each time I have written on this topic and suggested it would ultimately end with a delivery default I have been trolled. It looks very much like we will soon find out a default of delivery is not only possible but highly probable.

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Moral of the story, the powers that be don't want gold to achieve its true value. So much for "free markets"; the only thing free is free money for the rich.

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