Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Farewell To Person Of Interest

I just finished watching the series finale of "Person of Interest". It has been one of my favorite shows.

I wrote about the series before; if interested you can read what I said here:

At the end we were left with hope, the hope that a benign SAI would somehow triumph over a supremely evil one. But as I look out into the world today, I realize that such a thing can never happen. There will never be a Harold Finch, but there already are and will continue to be several versions of John Greer.

Whether it be Alphabet, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and/or some other powerful conglomerate, alone or in combination, the equivalent of Decima Technologies eventually will bring on line an SAI that will be like Samaritan. "The Machine" will not be its rival - it will never even exist.

As I watched the final struggle between the two SAIs, I was reminded of the political struggle between Trump and Hillary. Not because either of them has any such intelligence (far from it), but because Hillary and her minions are showing themselves to be motivated by the same evil that spawned Samaritan. They think they know what is best for We The People, and they will destroy everything that is "old" or "imperfect" to replace it with their vision of a violently coercive utopia.

Remember this video from the 2008 campaign?

It would be nice if something like this could save us, but don't hold your breath. You thought Obama ad-Dajjal would be the one, but how did that work out for you? Hillary is an even bigger liar than he is.

We are going to go gentle into that good night, and I doubt we will even fire a single shot in our own defense.

And by the way, no human can out-reason an SAI, so the only way to destroy one is through the supremely irrational act of physical destruction. Anyone up for that?

I didn't think so.

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