Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Another Prime Example Of Climate Change BS

Oh, boy !!! Sweden has opened an "eHighway":

An “eHighway” that allows hybrid trucks to connect to overhead power lines - to reduce emissions - opened in Sweden this month. The system, which is the first of its kind to open on a public road, will be tested over the next two years with two diesel hybrid trucks on a 1.2 mile-stretch of the E16 highway, located north of Stockholm.

The innovation is a precursor to another electric highway planned to open for testing in California in 2017.

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Dear Sweden: We used to have something like this in most major cities throughout the world. They were called "streetcars".

Dear author of this ridiculous report: You forgot to mention the most important part of the equation - where is this electricity coming from, and how do the emissions from its source compare to those from diesel trucks?

If the electricity is generated at power stations using fossil fuels, as is the case in most countries, then there is little or no savings to be realized.

In the case of California, they are shutting down their last nuclear plants soon, their hydro is maxed out and dwindling, and I doubt there are enough solar cells in the state to power very many of these trucks. I bet you the electricity used for their system will be coming from out of state ... and probably from a coal powered generator.

Let's check up on them in 2017 to find out, shall we?

The main impetus behind such scams is the money the scammers make selling us this crap.

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