Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Food Prices Will Increase By 400 Percent

While "our" government continues to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on defense and the so-called war on terror, a much more serious crisis is looming:

Preparations by various cogs of the national security complex, including FEMA, indicate a coming worldwide food shortage - and a resulting crisis marked by extreme civil unrest around the globe.

As Motherboard noted of two reports published previously by CNA Corporation, but which largely escaped attention, the world’s food supply could be insufficient to maintain even current populations much further into the future. And the crisis - which several factors indicate may already be underway - may begin to worsen considerably as early as 2020.

Employing a desktop game simulation of the conditions of a global food shortage, titled “Food Chain Reaction,” CNA’s Institute for Public Research brought together “65 officials from the US, Europe, Africa, India, Brazil, and key multilateral and intergovernmental institutions,” Motherboard explained. And the Institute, which oversaw the simulation, “primarily provides scientific research services for the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency [FEMA].”

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Civil unrest? When (not if) it comes to that, the elites will kill us. Everything they are doing points to that conclusion.

And yes, as the report suggests it's just a game to them.

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