Monday, June 13, 2016

Has World War III Begun In Earnest ???

That's the opinion of commodity expert Dennis Gartman:

... perhaps the world is finally awakening to the fact that World War III has begun in earnest; that the Islamic World and the Judeo-Christian world are now truly at war in the aftermath of the murders in Orlando over the weekend. We are of the latter school of thought. We are convinced now that even the Obama Administration can no longer avoid the facts of the age; that Islam and the West are at enmity one with the other ...

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I tend to agree, but allow me to point out a few things you may have forgotten:

*World War II started when Germany instigated a false-flag attack allegedly committed by Poland.

*The US entered the war following a "sneak attack" on Pearl Harbor which was not a sneak attack at all and which followed deliberate provocations by the US.

*The Vietnam War began in earnest following the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which was a fantasy attack following unsuccessful deliberate provocations by the US.

*Russia's war on Chechnya began following false-flag apartment bombings apparently carried out by the FSB.

*The War on Terror began following the false-flag 9/11 attacks which have never been properly investigated.

And we're going to have a full scale world war because some nut job shot up a gay night club? And we're going to start it even before the investigation is over?

I would say we're going to have this war because too many Americans think the only way to deal with such provocations is to kill people.

Here is my two cents worth of solution:

*Conduct a real investigation, talk to all witnesses.

*Find out why the FBI decided this guy was not a threat.

*Find out who was helping him.

*Then decide what to do.

Killing more people should be our last resort, not the first.

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