Friday, May 27, 2016

Is This The Deal FBI Made With Hillary ???

Check this out - Congress is continuing their destruction of our Bill of Rights:

A provision snuck into the still-secret text of the Senate’s annual intelligence authorization would give the FBI the ability to demand individuals’ email data and possibly web-surfing history from their service providers without a warrant and in complete secrecy.

If passed, the change would expand the reach of the FBI’s already highly controversial national security letters. The FBI is currently allowed to get certain types of information with NSLs — most commonly, information about the name, address, and call data associated with a phone number or details about a bank account.

You can read the rest @

I would not be surprised to learn this is what the FBI gets in return for not recommending the prosecution of Hillary Clinton.

Of course, I will happily withdraw this suggestion should she ever be indicted.

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