Thursday, August 20, 2015

Jimmy Carter vs. The Clintons

This morning I watched President Jimmy Carter's press conference during which he discussed his experience with liver and brain cancer.

It made me think of the following comparisons between him and the Clintons:

(1) President Carter has spent most of his life in public service, as Governor, President, and head of the Carter Center. He has built houses for the homeless with his own hands. He has worked to ensure free and fair elections in numerous countries. And he has spoken out against the injustice of the Israeli apartheid system. He appears to have led a simple life and to have been open and honest in most of his dealings.

(2) The Clintons have spent most of their lives feeding at the public trough. They have built an empire for themselves by catering to the rich and powerful. They have needlessly bombed several countries, destroying the homes of millions of people. They have supported rigged elections and the overthrow of democratically elected officials. They have kissed every Israeli ass and slapped nearly every Palestinian face which has been offered to them. They and their daughter consort with billionaires, and with the possible exception of Richard Nixon they both appear to be the most crooked politicians of my lifetime.

Perhaps the most telling comparison is this - Jimmy Carter is a true Christian, and the Israelis hate him; while the Clintons appear to not be Christian at all, and Israeli billionaires fall all over themselves to support them.

I wish you well, Jimmy. Thank you for your public service. You are probably the most decent person to sit in the Oval Office since Harry Truman.

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