Thursday, August 13, 2015

Israel Buddies Up To Jordan

Israeli air force tankers escorted Jordanian fighter jets across the Atlantic Ocean earlier this week to take part in exercises in the western United States, according to an American web site devoted to military aviation news.

The site, Foxtrot Alpha, reported that its sources noticed a group of five Royal Jordanian Air Force F-16 flying alongside Israel Air Force KC-707 fuel tankers heading west toward Lajes Field, a common transit point in the mid-Atlantic Ocean for military aircraft.

The fleet of aircraft were heading to Nellis Air Force base in Nevada, where they were scheduled to take part in Red Flag. The US Air Force considers Red Flag the "premier air-to-air combat training exercise [that]...often includes both US and allied nations' combat air forces."

The rare sight of Israeli and Jordanian aircraft flying in tandem appears to indicate a new, stepped-up level of military and defense cooperation between Israel and the Hashemite kingdom.

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Hmmm ... this also demonstrates that Israel has the capability to fly its fighter-bombers all the way to Iran to obliterate the nuclear sites they seem to fear so much.

As we get weaker, others get stronger. The Middle East is being rearranged in spite of us.

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