Monday, August 17, 2015

Can Trump Win ???

Apparently many Americans would rather vote for a principled clown than a bought-and-paid-for establishment candidate:

I for one am tired of the electoral bullshit now rampant in the US. If the final "choice" we're given is Trump vs. Hillary, I'm voting for The Donald. He can't be any worse than the Bozo who's in there now.

And in spite of the fact that some think he is a clown, at least you can say the following about him (all of which are things you apparently CANNOT truthfully say about his likely opponent in the election):

  • He has never conspired to destroy official documents;
  • He has not been feeding from the public trough for most of his adult life;
  • None of his spouses have been pedophiles or rapists; and
  • There is no "Trump body count".

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