Monday, November 27, 2017

Is The Entire ISIS Narrative Just BS ???

Western think tanks have been increasingly busy cultivating a narrative to explain the sudden and spreading presence of militants linked or fighting under the banner of the self-proclaimed “Islamic State” (ISIS) across Southeast Asia.

This narrative – these think tanks would have audiences believe – entails militants fleeing Syria and Iraq, and entrenching themselves amid supposedly sectarian conflicts in Southeast Asia. The think tanks conveniently never mention how tens of thousands of militants are funding the logistical feat required to move them to Southeast Asia or sustain their militant operations in the region once they arrive.

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Since few Americans ever really question the narratives they get from the MSM, it's easy for the powers that be to get away with this crap.

What I'd like to know is why all the alleged "terrorists" always attack the common people instead of the rich bastards who created this mess in the first place? Why are they punishing us when we didn't do anything to them and don't have the power to change the course "our" government has chosen to follow?

Are they that stupid?

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