Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Are Acoustic Weapons Lethal ???

Here is what could be evidence of further acoustic attacks on US "diplomatic" personnel:

A newly revealed incident reported by a USAID officer who is based at the American embassy in Uzbekistan is raising suspicions Russia may have been involved and could have had a hand in bizarre attacks targeting U.S. diplomats in Cuba, according to American sources.

In September, the officer and his wife reported, according to one source familiar with the incident, what may have been at least one acoustic attack similar to those experienced by the diplomats in Havana.

The first Cuba attacks began in November 2016, and the last report of an attack was in August 2017. Victims of the attacks in Cuba describe hearing a loud, high-pitched sound often described like a hiss of cicadas or crickets in unusual places - often in their homes.

The State Department declined to describe in detail the incident in Tashkent.

"We aren't going to discuss ‎every case individually," a spokesperson said.

Victims of the attacks in Cuba were diagnosed with hearing loss, brain injuries, cognitive issues and other conditions.

The source says the two suffered similar effects and were flown out of Tashkent by the State Department to be evaluated. It is unclear what further diagnosis or care they have had following their departure from Uzbekistan.

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A few observations:

(1) Was this individual or his wife a spy? If he and/or she was, isn't this just the normal spy stuff which both the US and other nations engage in? I'm not saying that would excuse what happened, but it would help clarify the motive.

(2) How is this different from a drone attack, many of which kill innocent people? Why is it acceptable for the US to kill people, but somehow a crime for Russians to do something similar? I personally do not think EITHER behavior is acceptable.

(3) If these weapons are so horrible, then why is the US starting to deploy them for domestic crowd control? You can watch one in action here:


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