Friday, December 4, 2015

Was This Man Killed Because Of His Artworks ???

Patricia Goldstone’s INTERLOCK is the first biography to explore the life and suspicious death of Mark Lombardi,  a controversial artist whose drawings walked the line between art and information - and revaled the incestous connections between banking, organized crime, politicians, the FBI and the CIA.

His work highlighted such subjects as the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), the Iran-Contra affair, the World Finance Corporation, and the relationship between George W. Bush and Harken Energy Corporation. The mystery of  Lombardi’s alleged suicide has yet to be resolved. On March 22, 2000, he was found hanged. Friends find it suspicious because Lombardi was on the the cusp of achieving the recognition that would crown his career.

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So ... it's okay for Google, Facebook, and others to steal and map our relationships, but when we do so it becomes punishable by death?

That alone should tell you what a sick place the US has become.

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