Saturday, December 19, 2015

President Claims He Won

President Obama's year-end news conference Friday afternoon ran the gamut of issues -- from the fight against the Islamic State to climate change to what to do about the Guantanamo Bay prison. But one thing was consistent throughout: Obama's insistence that he has always been playing the long game on policy and politics -- and that his administration's accomplishments over the past year prove that strategy right.

"So much of our steady, persistent work over the years is paying off for the American people in big, tangible ways," Obama said in his opening remarks. Toward the end of his hour-plus-long presser, Obama touted his "steady, persistent leadership on many initiatives I began when I first came into office."

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Dear Mr. President: You are delusional. Being President of the United States is not a "game".

What is important is whether or not We The People won, and it should be clear to everyone that we did not. There is not a single thing of lasting positive value that you have done for us or our nation.

You did, however, enrich yourself and your family, so from that perspective I can see how you may think you "won".

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