Thursday, December 3, 2015

San Bernadino Massacre - Cui Bono ???

By now you may have heard of the horrific massacre in San Bernadino. You can read about it here:

We ought to ask ourselves who benefits from these now frequent massacres:

*Not the killers - they are all dead or in prison

*Not We The People - we've had enough of such violence

*Not the American Rifle Association - We The People are sick of them

*Not gun manufacturers or sellers - their business soon will be destroyed

*Not radical Islam - this sort of thing makes us their implacable enemies

Does ANYONE benefit?

*The MSM - they've now got plenty to show us and talk about

*The Democratic Party - they can blame it all on evil Republicans and gain votes

*The Israelis - we now understand what they must endure on a daily basis, and we're now more likely to excuse what they are doing to the Palestinians in response

Does that mean those who benefited CAUSED these shootings? Of course not; but they did benefit from them.

And who contributed to the atmosphere of violence in which these shootings have been taking place?

*Hollywood - which continues to produce ever more violent swill to pour into our minds and the minds of our children

*Video game manufacturers - who continue to produce "games" with ever increasing and bizarre forms of violence

*Obama ad-Dajjal - who responds to every single international provocation and slight with military violence and threats of violence

*Bill and Hillary Clinton - who destroyed Yugoslavia, starved the children of Iraq, destroyed Libya, and contributed to the destruction of Syria and the provocation of Russia

In the coming days, we will be encouraged to blame all sorts of people for these massacres, but I suggest you add the above parties to the list of people and organizations whom you blame and don't blame.

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