Monday, December 14, 2015

Is This Trump's Weimar America ???

Just had to comment on this claim in today's The New York Times:

Welcome to Weimar America: It’s getting restive in the beer halls. People are sick of politics as usual. They want blunt talk. They want answers.

Welcome to an angry nation stung by two lost wars, its politics veering to the extremes, its mood vengeful, beset by decades of stagnant real wages for most people, tempted by a strongman who would keep all Muslims out and vows to restore American greatness.

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Mr. Cohen has made at least one misstatement and a false implication:

1. The misstatement - It's not Trump's Weimar Republic; it's the Weimar Republic of Obama ad-Dajjal. Read the history of the period, and you'll see what I mean.

2. The false implication - No, Donald Trump is not Hitler. Were we to compare him to Hitler, then we'd have to make the same claim about Israeli PM Netanyahu. You can read more about the Trump-Netanyahu comparison here:

By the way, it would be far more proper to claim this is our version of the Weimar Republic (i.e., We The People).

And it would be just as realistic to claim that Hillary could very well turn out to be our version of Hitler. She and her so-called husband are responsible for FAR more deaths of Muslims than is Donald Trump.

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