Monday, December 7, 2015

FBI Dropped The Ball Again

The FBI has, yet again, dropped the ball. For all the billions of dollars in their budget, for all the metadata they and their intelligence colleagues are collecting on every American citizen, and for all the years they've had since the September 11 attacks to recruit informants to infiltrate terrorist groups, two people with ties to Muslim militants were able to perpetrate yet another mass shooting, this time resulting in 14 dead in San Bernardino, California.

One of the shooters, Syed Farook, was "in contact" with terrorism suspects, but the FBI now admits that it did nothing about it. Indeed, a spokesman said that the contact was "soft," meaning that it wasn't frequent. The implication is that Americans aren't supposed to worry when somebody is in direct contact with a terrorist suspect overseas. It's not important enough for the FBI to follow up on. Until, of course, that person shoots up a social services center and kills 14 people.

The problem here is deep, and it is one of longtime FBI incompetence, mismanagement, and intransigence.

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But as we already know, what the FBI is best at is disconnecting all the dots to facilitate attacks on US soil. You can read about several examples of this here:

Think about all the money we have spent on "the war on terror" and how little additional safety has been achieved.

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