Saturday, December 12, 2015

Does US Hate Jesus ???

When Christmas comes to Lincoln, Nebraska this year, Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus will find there is no room in the inner halls of the state capitol – and no manger either.

Instead, there will be an 8ft “happy humanist” next to a “reason tree” dedicated to science and “human intellectual achievement”.

In Lincoln, amid the supposed “war on Christmas” bemoaned each year by the political right, it appears the atheists really have stolen Christmas.

On Friday, a classic Christian nativity scene was erected in the rotunda of Nebraska’s capitol building. The state’s lieutenant governor, Mike Foley, was scheduled to attend.

But on 18 December the nativity will have to be moved, to make way for exhibits organised by a coalition of atheist and humanist groups who last summer booked up all available exhibition space in the rotunda for the week around Christmas Day.

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This is just getting started. Combined with the politics of hate, this may soon evolve into actual persecution of Christians in the US.

What I find most interesting is that Jews are well protected in the US, Muslims apparently are the new darlings of the administration and the DOJ, but Christians are under attack. Why us; why now?

In spite of the BS you get from the MSM, the US was indeed founded as a Christian nation. But everything this nation once thought it stood for is being flushed down the toilet, so Christianity has got to go, too.

Are you happy now? I'm not.

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