Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Does Mass Surveillance Change Our Behavior ???

On Sunday, the NSA was forced to shut down its bulk collection of the phone records of Americans. While that program may have ended - and there is evidence that it may not have - the world now knows the spy agency’s capabilities, and that is changing the behavior of people everywhere.

How much, and in what way, is currently being studied. What effect does the awareness of surveillance have on the behavior of people? WhoWhatWhy looked at the available results of research being conducted, and found that we may be reaching the tipping point - when awareness of being watched starts to affect behavior.

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We're being watched by CIA, FBI, NSA, USPS, military intelligence, state and local police and sheriffs, and unnamed Israeli groups. Of course it's affecting our behavior.

Add to that the constant propaganda streaming into our heads from TV, movies, and social media, and it's a miracle we can still think at all.

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