Friday, December 4, 2015

Astounding US Hypocrisy On Mass Killing

We now know this:

A young man who had successfully killed on a large scale went to his religious leader with doubts and was told that mass killing was part of God’s plan. The young man continued killing until he had participated in killing sprees that took 1,626 lives — men, women, and children.

I repeat: his death count was not the 16 or 9 or 22 lives that make top news stories, but 1,626 dead and mutilated bodies.

Do such things bother you?

What if you learned that this young man’s name was Brandon Bryant, and that he killed as a drone pilot for the U.S. Air Force, and that he was presented with a certificate for his 1,626 kills and congratulated on a job well done by the United States of America? What if you learned that his religious leader was a Christian chaplain?

Do such things still bother you?

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It DEFINITELY bothers me.

Military chaplains are accomplices to killing on a mass scale, which is something no Christian ever should be.

I keep hearing that the Bible authorizes what is called "just wars". I see no such authorization anywhere in the Bible ... with one exception - the war which Jesus will wage upon the wicked during the End Times.

Should you think other "just wars" are authorized by the Bible, please send me the scriptural passages. I would like to read them.

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