Monday, November 30, 2015

Saving The World, Or Just Making Money ???

The snakes are crawling into Paris, ready to make bucks on 'Greenwashing.'

These schemes often are disguised as philanthropies. One of the investors is Bill Gates, already exposed for his investments in GEO private prisons, the human rights abuser targeting migrants and people of color. Gates says he pulled out his other  investment in G4S, the global security and prison human rights abuser, whose buses snake along the Arizona border.

One of the slick abuser strategies was exposed earlier in the Clinton Foundation. Bill Clinton went into countries, claiming to be carrying out human rights efforts, with his Canadian mining buddy and they came away with massive mining deals, including uranium mines in Khazakistan. A leaker exposed the millions that then flowed to the Clintons.

Another slick operation ready to invest in greenwashing in Paris is the Children's Investment Fund, a hedge fund in the UK.

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We The People may or may not benefit from the war on climate change, but the greenwashers stand to make a ton of loot.

Ain't that the way things go on this planet?

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