Sunday, December 8, 2019

Fighting The Party Of Big Brother

Here are some excellent observations by Robert Gore:

At the end of 1984, Slavery is Freedom, two plus two equals five, and Winston Smith loves Big Brother. The Party has destroyed Smith’s mind, he embraces whatever narratives it promulgates. The fictive Party has solved the conundrum that bedevils any individual or organization seeking to exercise power: coercion can exact physical compliance and the desired verbalizations, but how do you compel the subjugated to think and believe as you want them to think and believe?

Our Party, the confederation of powerful people who promulgate the narratives that always point the same direction - more government and power for the powerful, less freedom for the subjugated - has yet to reach the mind control of Orwell’s Party, but not for want of desire or effort. We know the Party’s narratives: globalism, climate change, surveillance, incarceration, political correctness, open borders, free migration, fiat debt, central economic planning, socialized education and medical care, and wars on terrorism, drugs, poverty, any regime that refuses to toe the Party line, hydrocarbons, private firearms, individual rights, privacy, precious metals and cash, and socialized education and medical care. We know the Party’s institutions: governments, central banks and their central banks, intelligence agencies, military forces, police, permanent bureaucracies, multinational corporations, multilateral economic, political, and financial institutions, foundations, universities, nonprofits, and NGOs. We know the Party’s overlapping mouthpieces: the mainstream media, think tanks, government and intelligence agency propaganda organs, crony executives and their companies, Hollywood, and academia. And we know the figureheads who stock governments and their allied institutions, and the Party puppeteers who pull their strings.

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Yes the Party can be defeated, but it will not be an easy task. They just renewed the warrantless data collection provisions of their Patriot (sic) Act, and no doubt keeping an eye on all us Winston Smiths was one of their primary motivations for doing so:

Interestingly, there had not been a lot of "terrorist" attacks on US soil recently ... until some of our Saudi "allies" decided to shoot things up again:

Any chance the attack was green lighted by someone at the Pentagon so there would be a continued "need" to keep spying on us? I would not be surprised if that were the case.

At the very least, it should be noted that the warrantless data collection mentioned above once again did NOT help thwart this latest attack. So why keep authorizing it? What is the REAL reason for it? It definitely ain't being done to protect We the People.

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