Friday, May 31, 2013

Bankgangsters in Mexico

The more I read about neoliberalism, global banking, and "free trade", the more it all sounds like a mafiocracy hell bent on enslaving everyone on the planet:

And why are Israelis helping Mexico fight the Zapatistas? Are the Zapatistas "antisemitic"? Are they a threat to Israel?

It seems to me that the Zapatistas are what we used to be: people who love their culture and history and who want to preserve their freedom. Far from being that, we Americans are now mostly craven mercenaries who kill people who love their culture and history and who want to preserve their freedom.

Shame on you, America. Shame on you.

1 in 3 Americans are poor

The number of US poor is TWICE as high as the government says:

Is the US a failed state, or what?


Last weekend, people around the world marched against Monsanto:

Clearly, Monsanto don't care:

No amount of whining and demonstrating is going to stop Monsanto's relentless cavalcade of death. The people no longer have the tools to stop the machinations of the living dead known as "corporations".

Morale? We don't need no stinking morale!

Obama ad-Dajjal is pissing off the Marines in Afghanistan by curtailing one of their meals:

That's ok, gyrenes. You can hold his umbrella when you get home (if you ever do).

ObamaDon'tCare will screw you royally

No matter what they say, ObamaCare is going to screw America:

On the other hand, Obama ad-Dajjal and his family have free medical, housing, security, and vacations for life.

It should be called "ObamaDon'tCare" instead.

The beast from the sea of Revelation 13

And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.
And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.
-Revelation 13:1-2 KJV

Leopard, bear, lion, dragon. This beast is the United States of America, a nation which from the perspective of the original inhabitants of North America literally "rose up out of the sea".

(1) The music of the US national anthem comes from the song "To Anachreon in Heaven", which is an ode to the Roman god Bacchus who is the Greek god Dionysos. The sacred animal of that deity is the leopard.

(2) The US Military Academy at West Point is located at the foot of Bear Mountain, New York.

(3) The language we speak is English. The "lion of England" is a lion passant guardant, also called a "leopard".

(4) China is taking over the world's economy (including ours), and the dragon is the symbol of China. Its complementary symbol is the fenghuang, also called a "Chinese phoenix".

See this blog post for more about the rise of the phoenix in America:

Judges help shred the US Constitution

This is one judge who should be fired:

Maybe he should read the document he took an oath to preserve, protect, and defend:

US Constitution, Fourth Amendment
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

It all comes down to what "unreasonable" means, but by the Constitution even an "unreasonable" search requires a warrant.

China is buying up our food supply

China just bought the largest US pork producer:

They have cash; all we have is debt. Food prices are going to increase, and that will not be good for us.

Making nations dependent is the neoliberal way of spreading modern slavery. We are in the midst of being made dependent.

Drones coming to the skies above you

Apparently widespread use of domestic  drones is planned for 2015:

The issue is not "air safety", the issue is why are they fucking spying on us all the time?

If you think drones are a good idea, talk to the people in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

If after that you still think they're a good idea, watch The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day a few times.

If after that you still think they're a good idea, apply for a job with DHS. You're exactly the kind of nut job they're looking for.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Four horses of the Apocalypse in Hiroshima

Please watch this video about the Hiroshima bomb:

The color sequence of the bombing was:

  • initial white light
  • followed by red fireball and flames
  • followed by black cloud and black rain
  • followed later by a burst of green plant growth

This is the same sequence of colors given for the four horses of the Apocalypse in the Book of the Revelation: white, red, black, and pale green.

What did we do to Iraq?

This essay by John Pilger reminds us that the war crimes of the US and the UK in Iraq still go unpunished:

The article notes that over 300 tons of "depleted uranium" was used, and that it was "a form of nuclear warfare". That figure apparently is from the first Gulf War, and more uranium was dumped on Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

But there's something fishy about those numbers. The damage to health after each of those two conflicts was comparable to what happened after Hiroshima; actually it appears that it perhaps will be worse since no cleanup is being done. This raises an interesting question:

"How did 300 tons of U238 cause the same damage as 140 lb of U235 (the Hiroshima bomb)?"

Less than 2% of the Hiroshima bomb underwent fission, so 2.4 lb of fission products and ~138 lb of U235 were released in the city (in a relatively concentrated release).

The 300 tons of DU used in Desert Storm was released all over the place, mostly in rural areas.

Whatever was released in Fallujah during Operation Phantom Fury (apparently sightly enriched uranium possibly containing fission products), its quantity and distribution is unknown. But considering that the long term effects are at least as bad (and perhaps worse) than Hiroshima, it must have consisted of a whole bunch of uranium and fission products.

The US probably did not use nuclear weapons per se in Fallujah, but it's a damn good bet that what was used were thermobaric weapons that dispersed uranium and fission products in a manner not unlike nuclear bombs would do.

Ain't that a war crime?

John McCain, the POW songbird

Did John McCain collaborate with his Vietnamese captors? It sure seems that way:

Why is this gutless weasel now considered a war hero and not a traitor? Because he talks tough? Because he protected the asses of his cowardly bosses in the Pentagon?

It's one thing to hide your own cowardice; it's something altogether more evil to get your fellow prisoners killed to cover up your crimes. We'll probably never know the truth about this issue, but the whole thing stinks to high heaven.

By the way, this whole sequence of events is further justification for demanding that ALL government business be conducted in the open. The POWs who suffered and died because of the cowardice of our government might have been saved if the truth about their existence had not been covered up by weasels like John McCain.

Why close Chicago schools?

Chicago schools are being closed so that real estate developers can make a whole lotta bucks:

Thank you, Mayor Rahm.

That's (still) a liar in the White House

Why was the IRS chief meeting so often with Obama ad-Dajjal?

And he claims to know nothing about the IRS persecution of conservative groups?

LIAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This man is a disgrace to the office he has usurped.

Thought for the day

“If I have power, and I am truly working for the best interests of my people, I will not need to do things in secret.”

Read the whole article @

Impeach AG Holder

Why are we coddling AG Eric Holder? Why isn't he in prison?

Both he and his boss Obama ad-Dajjal have been acting like unaccountable thugs. Congress, rein them in. Impeach as necessary.

The chickens come home to roost at Costco

Here's one version of what happened when police killed a woman at a Costco in Virginia:

She made strange comments about the pizza. Strange by whose standards? What did she say?

She threatened employees with a knife and scissors. OK, that's reason enough to call the police. But she didn't hurt any of the employees.

She "advanced" on the police. What does that mean?

Their Taser was "ineffective" at stopping the woman. What does that mean?

The other deputy fired multiple shots at the woman, killing her.

One of the deputies sustained minor injuries. So sad.

I don't know what really happened, but I find this whole story hard to believe.

In just about every story like this, the victim "had scissors" and was killed because they somehow "threatened" the police. Police these days are well armed (baton, Taser, Glock, etc.), often wear body armor, are well trained, and go out in pairs (or more). How much a threat to them is a "strange" woman who has a knife and scissors? Why would a woman armed only with a knife and scissors attack fully armed police in the first place?

This all makes no fucking sense. Hit her with your baton, and that would have been end of story. Why did you have to kill her?

What happened is analogous to what we are doing in Afghanistan. They are strange, by our standards, but that's what we call "diversity". They do have knives and scissors. They do advance on our troops. So we kill them. But that's unnecessary, too. Leave them alone, and they'll calm down. They're only pissed because we're there messing with their country.

I have no idea why the dead woman was pissed, but if we had left her alone she probably would have calmed down. And she wouldn't now be dead.

Is the FBI just another Murder Inc. for the "Justice Dept"?

It appears the FBI killed another unarmed person in the furtherance of their official conspiracy theory about the Boston Marathon bombing:

See also:

Why was this man killed, if not to shut him up? What did he know?

A possible similar FBI hit was the murder of Kenny Trentadue, who was murdered while in federal custody because he bore a resemblance to John Doe No. 2 in the OKC bombing.

In these matters the FBI appears to be functioning as another branch of Murder, Inc.

Is this what "democratic" governments do? Apparently so.

By the way, if no one other than the FBI is going to investigate this incident, do you really think we'll ever learn what really happened?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Disturbing questions about the UK butchery killers

Somehow, just like the FBI, the Brits monitored their latest "terrorists" for years but were unable to either predict or prevent their attack:

This suggests that all this extra global surveillance is a colossal waste of money and an unjustifiable invasion of privacy. The government CANNOT predict what people are going to do, and the preemptive measures being undertaken cause more harm than good.

Leave the bastards alone (and I mean COMPLETELY alone), and they'll leave us alone in return. Just like they have always said.

Clearly WE are the aggressor in these matters, NOT them.

By the way, I have suspected from the beginning that this was a staged, false-flag attack. Should this be the case, the solution to such problems is obvious: get the US, UK, Israeli, and Russian governments to curtain their false-flag operations and the "terrorist" attacks will cease.

How fucking hard can this be?

There's a cloud around every silver lining

My kind of depressing article:

Makes you just want to go out and hang yourself.

Bombs instead of butter

Here's another lie from Obama ad-Dajjal; we're going to upgrade our arsenal of nuclear bombs:

Is this more important than jobs, housing, medicine, and/or food for the American people? Apparently Obama ad-Dajjal thinks so.

Although the more I think about it, he appears not to be in control of anything which is happening under his administration. He's a party animal who dabbles in "leadership" in between parties.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Stop dissing Walt Disney

I think this play disses Walt Disney; do you?

If there was ever anything good in America, Walt Disney embodied it. Those who diss his memory make me sick.

Ethiopia building a dam on the Blue Nile

Ethiopia is building a large dam on the Blue Nile:

Construction is by an Italian firm, and financing is partly by China.

US brings nothing but military crap to Africa, while Europe and China bring commerce. Just what the hell do we think we are doing?

Israel threatens Russia

Israel threatens to attack Russian ships bringing missiles to Syria:

What right does Israel have to attack Syria in the first place? NONE !!!

Does Syria have the right to defend itself? YES !!!


The US and Israel are destroying the sovereign nation of Syria. The Russians have every right, and in fact an obligation, to stop them.

I think the Israelis should go ahead and attack the Russians, and then we'll find out if all those Russian nuclear weapons still work. Go ahead, Bibi, make their day.

Chinese people have a sense of decency

Here's a story about a Chinese teenager who defaced an Egyptian temple:

Please note that Chinese parents have a sense of responsibility and decency not always seen in their US counterparts.

Thought for the day

The State did not originate in any form of social agreement, or with any disinterested view of promoting order and justice. Far otherwise. The State originated in conquest and confiscation, as a device for maintaining the stratification of society permanently into two classes—an owning and exploiting class, relatively small, and a propertyless dependent class. Such measures of order and justice as it established were incidental and ancillary to this purpose; it was not interested in any that did not serve this purpose; and it resisted the establishment of any that were contrary to it. No State known to history originated in any other manner, or for any other purpose than to enable the continuous economic exploitation of one class by another.

And yes, this includes the United States.

Read the full essay @

Welcome to the prison planet

Google wants to put spy platforms in the air across the entire globe:

Yes, this will spread the Internet. It will also enable police state spying on a global scale.

Resist now, or live forever in chains.

Why our schools are shit

Please watch this video by former Illinois school teacher Ellie Rubenstein, and you'll get the picture:

The downward spiral has taken hold of every aspect of our lives. This is what's it like to be controlled by a computer, and much more of this crap is on the way.

A history of IRS political targeting

Please also read Jim Brovard's piece about the IRS:

What short memories we all have, and how little understanding.

Ours is neither a democracy nor a republic. "Mafiocracy" would be a better description:

In praise of cowardice

If you can stomach it, please read Arthur Silber's Memorial Day essay for a true perspective of what war is all about:

Unfortunately, as Plato allegedly observed, "Only the dead have seen the end of war."

What symbols tell us about Presidents

As I mentioned in another blog post, symbols associated with Presidents may tell us a lot about them:

Dubya's nickname W symbolizes the devil's trident-like pitchfork, and if you turn it over it becomes an M which symbolizes the devil's two horns.

There is a similar duality in Obama ad-Dajjal.

He was allegedly born in Hawaii, a string of volcanic islands. A volcano is a mountain which comes up out of the earth, and a volcanic island is a mountain which comes up out of the sea. Birth in Hawaii is therefore suggestive of these two Biblical passages:

And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea
-Revelation 13:1 KJV

And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth
-Revelation 13:11 KJV

Is it mere coincidence that Obama ad-Dajjal comes from a state which both rose up from the earth and from the sea, or is this why he was chosen for the Presidency?

And if it turns out that he actually was born in Kenya, there is another important symbolism contained in that birth story. Here is a picture of the flag of Kenya:

Its four colors (white, red, black, and green) represent the four horses of the apocalypse mentioned in Chapter 6 of the Book of Revelation. These horses appear in sequence as the Lamb of God opens the seals of the scroll.

So any way you look at it, the symbols which Obama ad-Dajjal brings to the Presidency are suggestive of End Time prophetic roles and events.

Monday, May 27, 2013


A neighbor of mine has a bumper sticker on their car with some of the lyrics of John Lennon's "Imagine":

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people sharing all the world

It occurred to me that the majority of the world's people DO share their possessions, with the neoliberal bastards that steal from them.

What we need to imagine instead is this:

Imagine all the rich bastards, sharing "their" possessions with the rest of us.

That includes bankgangsters, politicians, movie stars, Internet billionaires, Google-ites, etc. WE are not the source of the problem. THEY are.

Why do we tolerate their failure to share what they stole from us?

Worldwide recession just around the corner

Read all about it @

Enjoy your summer; it may be the last good one for a while.

If those bastards in DC cannot even deal with a few minor scandals (Benghazi, IRS, spying on the AP), tell me how in hell they're gonna handle the deep financial crisis hanging over our heads?

A Memorial Day story

A World War II diary finally made its way to a dead Marine's sweetheart, 70 years later:

Nothing Japan did or could have done was a threat to the United States. Pearl Harbor never would have been attacked had FDR not provoked them and put his fleet there.

Why did this Marine have to die? Why did any of them have to die? Neither Germany nor Japan would ever have been capable of invading the US.

War is not just a racket; it's bullshit. We never really "saved" anyone, and we needlessly killed a whole lot of people.

The rise of the phoenix

Did you happen to notice the presence of the phoenix bird in the 2008 Presidential election?

Obama ad-Dajjal allegedly was born in Hawaii, and the phoenix bird is present on that state's seal:

His opponent Senator John McCain represents the State of Arizona, whose capital is Phoenix, and the phoenix bird is present on that city's seal:

Members of the inaugural committee included Senator Diane Feinstein of California (formerly mayor of San Francisco) and Representative Nancy Pelosi, whose Congressional district includes San Francisco. The phoenix bird is present on the seal of the city and county of San Francisco:

Why the phoenix? This mythical bird is said to live for 500 years. It then lays an egg in a nest of  cinnamon, frankincense and myrrh; sets the nest on fire; and dies but is reborn from the flames.

In 1492 Christopher Columbus brought Christianity to the Americas. 500 years later, in 1992, Bill Clinton was elected President of the United States. He, his so-called wife, and their minions (including Obama ad-Dajjal) then began a relentless assault on Christianity, and it appears they and a majority of Americans are hell bent on its destruction.

Although its nest contained frankincense and myrrh, the phoenix which perished and was reborn in 1992 has nothing at all to do with Christ.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

What do Lincoln, Mengele, and Kennedy have in common?

The description of the first woe in the Book of Revelation ends with the following passage:

And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.
-Revelation 9:11

From the perspective of the ancients, the god Apollo brought light, while Apollyon brought darkness. To them the arrival of Apollyon was heralded by what we call a solar eclipse. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon (a female symbol in most cultures) obscures the sun (a male symbol in most cultures). These two twins (sun and moon, light and darkness, male and female) must be brought together for the arrival of Apollyon to occur.

When Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, he was bringing together whites and blacks (symbolically light and darkness to the people of his time). In this sense, he was invoking Apollyon.

John F. Kennedy publicly portrayed himself as Apollo, but he also did several things which involved the spirit of Apollyon. Read about it in this previous post @

Dr. Josef Mengele, the "angel of death" of the Auschwitz concentration camp, conducted fiendish medical experiments on camp inmates. He had a special interest in twins. Although the survivors are reluctant to talk about it, it appears that he was trying to get the twins to mate. In this sense (by bringing the twins together), he also was invoking Apollyon and perhaps in a literal sense trying to give birth to him.

All three (Lincoln, Mengele, and Kennedy) acted in a similar manner to achieve a similar goal: to bring Apollyon into their world and initiate End Time events. But they were not alone:
  • George W. Bush and his minions staged their false flag "terror attacks" on 9/11, perhaps signifying through the use of that date his claim to the title of Apollyon (i.e., Revelation 9:11 = Terror Attack on 9/11), and
  • The birth of Barack Hussein Obama ad-Dajjal was made possible when light and dark (white and black) joined together in sexual union. In his case, the symbolism is reversed, in that a black man entered a white woman to consummate the event. Does this make him Apollyon? Perhaps not, but maybe the hope that he could be Apollyon is the reason he was chosen for the Presidency.

America's ruling class does like their demonology, and as I stated before it certainly looks like they choose political candidates for their symbolic value:

They will continue trying until they succeed. The United States is a spiritual engine designed by its Founders to bring about the End Times, and to manipulate those prophesied events to their advantage.

It's all about the water

The "humanitarian war" in Libya was fought to steal their water. Whether it goes to Europe or to Israel has yet to be seen.

The "civil war" in Syria is also all about water:

The "wider war" discussed in the above article is all about stealing the water of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers and diverting it for the use of Greater Israel. That is why no compromise about nuclear projects in Iran is possible: nuclear is not the core issue; access to their water is.

Colonial compensation in NZ

New Zealand will pay compensation for colonial practices (e.g., land theft and murder):

When will the US do likewise?

(Probable answer: NEVER)

Proper police procedure

Nothing justifies the killing of innocent people, except following proper police procedure:

He wasn't innocent, you say? Whatever happened to due process? Or is this the street version of Obama ad-Dajjal's drone murders, when police can make a "judgement call" and then kill you for being mentally ill and confused?

Do Saudis have a nuclear program?

Saudi Arabia is complaining about the Iranian nuclear program:

Here are some seldom reported facts:

  • Much uranium is contained in phosphate deposits
  • There are phosphate deposits throughout the Middle East
  • Phosphate is also mined for fertilizer
  • Uranium can be extracted from the tailings left behind from phosphate fertilizer production
  • The Saudis have such facilities

What are they doing with their uranium?

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Did O nominate another liar?

Penny Pritzker (who might be called Billion Dollar Pritzker) "forgot" to include $80 million in "consulting fees" on her income disclosure:

Do you want a Commerce Secretary to whom $80 million is inconsequential? And who gets paid $80 million for "consulting" to 400 domestic trusts? What the fuck could she possibly do for them that is worth $80 million?

This is not a person who belongs in the US government. We've got too many rich people there already.

Kill courts?

Now Obama ad-Dajjal is suggesting the creation of "kill courts" to authorize his drone murders:

How about NO, Barack!

Everything this man suggests is a BAD idea. Who elected this killer clown?

Beyond the DaVinci Code

I have not read Dan Brown's books, nor do I intend to read them. My familiarity with the so-called "DaVinci Code" comes from watching Ron Howard's wretched movies.

That said, I do not believe anything like a DaVinci Code, Mary Magdalene, or the blood line of Jesus has anything to do with the concepts in question.

There is a deeper underlying symbolism which has been staring us in the face all along and which suggests that the religions we believe to have derived from the patriarch Abraham (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) are based upon earlier matriarchal religions. I say this because among the core symbols of these religions can be found three of the chief aspects of the female genitalia.

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem represents the mons veneris. The word "Shekinah" (the divine presence of God in the Temple) has a feminine gender.

The chalice of Christianity represents the vagina, the feminine side of the yoni-lingam duality.

The black stone on the east corner of the Kaaba in Mecca represents the clitoris, the female phallus. The veil which covers the Kaaba may be symbolic of the burka (or vice versa).

It would have been obvious to ancient peoples that women play the chief role in the continuation of human life. It is therefore quite believable that early religions would have acknowledged that fact in philosophical and symbolic terms. Whether the rise of patriarchy and the imposition of its symbols on ancient matriarchal religions was due to the intervention of God or merely the invention of man is a question others will have to answer.

What I do know is that the presence of these feminine symbols has a deeper meaning than anything which can be attributed to Mary Magdalene or Leonardo DaVinci.

And perhaps the real "road map to peace" in the Middle East will have to come from a rejection of the differences among the patriarchal religions and the embracing of the basic unity of the matriarchal religions on which they are based. Just as mons, vagina, and clitoris are essential parts of the entire person, the unifying feminine aspects of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam will have to work together if human life is to continue on this planet.

Angelina Jolie and the ruling class

If I were as intelligent and as eloquent as Arthur Silber, I might have written this essay; I am in full agreement with what it says:

Please read it for an eye-opening critique of The New York Times and the ruling class it serves.

By the way, Jolie and the talking heads of the MSM are paid millions of dollars per year for the ruling class drivel they dish out to the rest of us. Arthur, on the other hand, languishes in poverty for telling you the truth.

What's wrong with our kids?

The CDC says that an increasing number (up to 20%) of our childen have mental disorders:

Is that because of TV, the Internet, video games, poverty, poor nutrition, cultural upheaval, or all of the above?

Or is the CDC full of crap?

Whatever the case, this does not bode well for our future as a nation.

Government of, by, and for the bankgangsters

If you thought Obama ad-Dajjal and his minions had the banking crisis under control, you thought wrong. The bankgangsters are in control and back to their old tricks:

Obama ad-Dajjal is lying.

His minions are lying.

The MSM is lying.

And the bankgangsters are lying.

Are we clear on this?

The world's economy is NOT protected from these thugs. THEY, on the other hand, are now guaranteed that YOU and ME will cover all of their future losses, while THEY get all the future profits.

This would be funny if it weren't so dangerous.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Still rioting in Sweden

Another night of arson and riots in Sweden:

These lines from the story are instructive:

"In Sweden you’ve got welfare, access to the educational system – up to university level, you got access to public transport, libraries, healthcare – to everything. And still they feel that they [immigrants] need to riot through stones and Molotov cocktails. It’s ridiculous and a bad excuse," Swedish Democrats MP Kent Ekeroth told RT.

"Police can put down these riots in five minutes – if the politicians were to allow them."

In other words, the immigrants have no reason to be unhappy, the government has no idea why they are rioting, and the only available option is to shoot them.

Does any of this sound familiar?

March Against Monsanto

Please watch his RNN video about Monsanto:

Global corporations like Monsanto should NOT be allowed to control the world's food supply. Real people should be allowed to control their OWN food supply without having to beg corporations like Monsanto for seeds.

Stop home evictions

What's the point of evicting people from their homes, when those homes will then remain vacant and fall apart?

We need a modern homesteading program, which will allow squatters to take over properties as long as they promise to pay the taxes on them.

Fuck the banks, support the people!

Boy Scouts party at the White House

Exclusive footage shot at the White House last night:

Obama ad-Dajjal sure does like to party.

Bridge collapse in WA state

Here's another indication of "failed state" status for the US, collapsing bridges:

True, there have only been a few dramatic collapses like this, but there is no question that our infrastructure is old and falling apart.

The money that might have been used to fix this has been stolen. We have no tax base. And the Federal Reserve Bank has pumped at least one trillion dollars into European banks.

Go figure.

It's time to fire the IRS

Peggy Noonan is right about the IRS: if we don't stop this crap now, we'll never be able to stop it:

The more I think about it, this is another indication that America is a "failed state". I'll write more about this in the near future.

Illegal meets with illegals

Obama ad-Dajjal, who apparently is not a natural born citizen and therefore an unconstitutional president, meets with illegal aliens:

Only a man intent on destroying the US would do these things.

O is not fit to be C-in-C

First Obama ad-Dajjal uses Marines as servants, and now he fails to return their salutes:

Pitiful !!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

OKC, the Boston Marathon, and dead suspects/witnesses

Doesn't it seem strange to you that many of the Chechens associated with the Boston Marathon bombing are turning up dead? And that the FBI is involved in at least some of the killings?

If you'll recall, two men accused of being John Doe No. 2 in the Oklahoma City bombing also were killed while in custody. One of them was Kenny Trentadue, and his family believes he was killed by the FBI, too:

Please explain to me why the FBI found it necessary to kill all of these men.

One thread that possibly connects all this is Eric Holder. He was Janet Reno's lead on the OKC bombing, and now he's Obama ad-Dajjal's lead on the BM bombing.

Coincidence, or complicity? We may never know, since this government is incapable of investigating itself in any manner other than a whitewash.

Stop the killer robots

The UN is finally taking notice of killer robots:

It is the US, the UK, and Israel who are building these things. Such machines are not intended to protect democracy; they are meant to kill useless eaters like you and me.

The US, the UK, and Israel.

Ruffalo blasts O

Go for it, Mark!

Murder, Inc.

Charley Reese died on May 21. Here are a couple of what I consider to be his better essays: - Murder, Inc. - The "final column"

RIP, Charley. We need more journalists of your caliber, but I don't think we'll ever see your like again.

Tyranny right around the corner

Barack Hussein Obama ad-Dajjal and his minions are the greatest threat to our republic in its entire history. A greater threat than George III, a greater threat than the Civil War, a greater threat than Hitler, a greater threat than Communism. He is leading us into a tyranny from which there will be no return:

Please, America, wake up and rein in his unconstitutional behavior, or say goodbye to your republic.

The police may not always be your friend

Police can be helpful, but they can also be lethal:

First they will take our guns, then they will take our cameras, then they will disappear those of us they don't like.

Desperate people do desperate things, and the police are people, too.

Why are Swedes baffled by riots?

Swedes say "they don't know why they (rioters) are doing this":

I don't know either, but I suggest they look at the following possibilities which have led to similar behavior elsewhere:

  • maybe police are not treating people with dignity and respect
  • maybe people feel they have no future
  • maybe people are fed up with wealth inequality
  • maybe people are hungry and/or homeless
  • maybe people are angry that freedom of speech, press, religion, and/or assembly have been infringed
  • maybe people are mad that Sweden is helping persecute Julian Assange and in general being America's stooge

Usually governments say that such things do not excuse hooliganism and rioting, but the same governments often bomb and make war on other countries for similar flimsy pretenses.

Maybe people are just fed up with the kind of shit we are continually served by our governments, their police, and their lackeys in the MSM, who kiss the asses of the rich and powerful while ridiculing the rest of us poor slobs at the bottom.

Certain things have got lost?

Robert Redford speaks about the US at Cannes:

Dear Bob: A lot has been lost, but much of it never existed. As a film maker, you should know how smoke, mirrors, and fantasy work. All that Wizard of Oz stuff.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why was Qaddafi killed?

Apparently he was trying to make Libya self-sufficient, which in a neoliberal world is a mortal sin:

People in the US still celebrate their "independence". What a joke! The powers that be allow NO ONE to be independent. Every knee must bow to the bankgangsters.

Was Jesus the original hipster?

So says the Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, NY:

Somehow I don't think that was His message at all. He was all about getting right with God, which to me is not at all what being "hip" is about.

Does Michelle O need an extended vacation?

The more I hear about this person, the less respect I have for her:

Her whole life is an extended vacation. If she needs more than that, she should pay for it herself. I am tired of funding her costly jaunts. How about you?

The attack in London

There's a message here somewhere, but I'm not certain what it is:

This second version shows one of the attackers:

Nothing about this makes any sense to me. 
There is no problem for which violence is the solution; not terrorist violence, not government violence.