Friday, July 6, 2018

When A Virus Hops On A Plane

Here is a report about past and future pandemics:

It contains the following claim:

Anybody who’d been there, they didn’t want them to come to the United States. That has a side effect of keeping people who want to go help out of the hot zone. So basically, if any American Doctors Without Borders volunteer or CDC official or even members of the US Army, wanting to go help in West Africa, they would have been prohibited from traveling back to the United States.

You don’t want to do that, because that robs you of the people who were going to solve this crisis. As it happened, after United States sent 3,000 American troops over there, not a single one of whom got sick, when they came back, they did spend 21 days in quarantine. I talked to a few of who did this, that it was the most boring 21 days of their entire lives.

Does this mean we're NOT going to quarantine them because they'd get bored? Who gives a damn?

Should we just let them out into the general population before we know whether or not they're infected? Who comes up with these dumb ideas ???

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