Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Veteran Suicides Continue

Veterans from all over the United States gathered in front of the New Orleans VA hospital Sunday morning for a march to raise awareness for the epidemic of veteran suicides currently gripping the nation.

It is no secret that the leading cause of death among active duty troops deployed to the Middle East is not combat or accidents, or IEDs — it’s themselves. The Pentagon’s own statistics show that this is a crisis but it is being ignored.

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I'm a Cold War era veteran, and I'm lucky that I got out in one piece. The same applies to my son, who was traumatized during his tour in Afghanistan.

Shame on us and our government for abandoning these vets who need our help and understanding.

2018 "defense" budget = $700 billion

"Defense" and HUD spending unaccounted for = $21 TRILLION

There is MORE THAN ENOUGH money to care for our vets. All we have to do is hold the military and HUD accountable and claw back the money they stole from us. If we need to go to war, it should be against the thieves who stole it. There is plenty of room for them down at GTMO.

By the way, it was an MSU economist who discovered the "missing" $21 trillion. Is it just a coincidence that an MSU dean and at least one other faculty member then were brought up on charges of sexual assault, a situation which has discredited that university?

I don't believe in coincidences, do you?

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  1. If we're not the world's piggy bank, then why are we flushing money down the toilet known as the US military?