Friday, July 13, 2018

Reading Against Fascism ???

Here is an astonishingly misguided essay by Henry A. Giroux:

The Marxist cultural critic Walter Benjamin once argued that every rise of fascism bears witness to a failed revolution. Benjamin was not only addressing elements of a failed political revolution, but also the failure of language, values, courage, vision and a critical consciousness. In the midst of a moment when an older social order is crumbling and a new one is struggling to define itself, there is always a moment of confusion and danger. We have arrived at such a moment in which two worlds are colliding.

First, there is the harsh and crumbling world of neoliberal globalization and its mobilizing passions that fuel a US-style fascism. Second, there is a counter movement with its search for a new politics that can rethink, reclaim and invent a new understanding of democratic socialism, untainted by capitalism. In the midst of this struggle, a new political movement and social order will be born, though one without guarantees. Something sinister and horrifying is happening to liberal democracies all over the globe. The global architecture of democracy is giving way to authoritarian tyrannies. As alarming as the signs may be, we cannot look away and allow the terrors of the unforeseen to be given free rein. We cannot allow the power of dreams to turn into nightmares.

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The USA has NEVER been a liberal democracy. "Our" government has been a fascist state from the beginning.

And to the extent that fascism is associated with racism (which is NOT necessarily the case), the USA has ALWAYS been a racist state: one which exterminated native Americans, enslaved Africans and others, and discriminated against every group which ever migrated here.

The alleged counters being offered to Trumpism are Hillary-ism and militant Antifa-ism, both of which are horrible examples of totalitarian movements which embrace the violent suppression of their real and imagined enemies.

I don't know why anyone would fund Mr. Giroux's views, but it doesn't seem to me they're getting their money's worth ... unless their true goal is to confuse people with nonsense such as this essay of his.

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