Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Israelis Using Chemical Warfare ???

Photographs of military armored vehicles uprooting and crushing trees and vegetation within the Gaza Strip are not foreign to Israelis, but what is less widely known is that since 2014 Palestinian fields are also being  razed through the use of herbicides sprayed from the air - as first publicized by the website 972. Officially, the spraying is only done on the Israeli side of the fence, but as Palestinian farmers on the other side, along with the Red Cross, have testified, the resulting damage can be seen deep inside Palestinian territory.

“The air spraying is carried out only over the territory of the State of Israel, along the security obstacle on the border of the Gaza Strip,” the Defense Ministry told Haaretz. “It is carried out by legally approved spraying companies, in accordance with the provisions of the Plant Protection Law, 5716-1956 and the regulations thereunder, and is identical to the aerial spraying carried out throughout the State of Israel.” 

The IDF Spokesman said, “The spraying is done using standard material used in Israel and in other countries, which causes existing vegetation to wither and prevents the growth of weeds. The spraying is carried out near the fence and does not cross into the Gaza Strip.”

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Anyone familiar with the Agent Orange debacle should know that Israel is doing far more than removing cover for "terrorists". This appears to be a form of genocidal chemical warfare.

Why are we still supporting these people?

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