Thursday, July 12, 2018

Is Trash Now A Trade War Weapon ???

For months, a major recycling facility for the greater Baltimore-Washington area has been facing a big problem: it has to pay to get rid of huge amounts of paper and plastic it would normally sell to China.

Beijing is no longer buying, claiming the recycled materials are "contaminated."

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If the US trade war with the rest of the world continues, it's possible that more nations will stop taking our trash or at least will increase the price we have to pay them.

Soon we'll be drowning in our own trash and garbage. What a way to go.

By the way, this situation may help reveal one of the dirtiest secrets of capitalism - the rich are the only benefactors, while the poor of the world [i.e., the rest of us] get stuck with the waste generated by the world's economy. If the waste were properly handled and recycled, there wouldn't be any profits to support the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

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