Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Is This Why We're Paying To Destroy Yemen ???

Here is a VERY thought provoking article. Its thesis is that the events described in the Torah / Old Testament took place in YEMEN, not in the territory now occupied by the Israelis:


If this is correct, then the Israelis have no claim on the land they now occupy and the additional territory in the region they appear to covet.

It also would explain the dearth of archaeological evidence which might support the Israeli claims.

Of course, once our "allies" get done destroying Yemen, there probably won't be any archaeological evidence there, either. Isn't THAT interesting?

By the way, I am quite willing to give the Bible a fair shake. In fact, I really want to believe it. But I hate seeing it used to promote lies, and the tenets of the Zionist agenda appear to be foremost among them.

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