Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Is The Declaration Of Independence Still Relevant ???

The most fundamental right asserted by the Declaration of Independence is the right of the people to revolt against tyranny and despotism, a right that this generation will be called on to exercise.

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Any reading of the document today stands as a condemnation of the ruling class that presides over American society. Every basic right enumerated in it is openly flouted. The elementary principle of due process is a dead letter. The Fourth of July is being marked under conditions of the mass roundup of immigrants, openly fascistic declarations from President Trump, and the construction of modern-day concentration camps.

It is worth noting, in the aftermath of the June 30 protests against Trump’s persecution of immigrants, that one of the wrongs alleged against King George in the Declaration of Independence was his effort to prevent immigration to the 13 colonies by “obstructing the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners” and “refusing to pass others to encourage their migrations hither.”

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While I agree with much of what this essay alleges, I have to ask this question - "what is the purpose of immigration in our time?"

In 1776, our new nation wanted to grow. Workers and settlers were needed to help exterminate the natives, to sink our ravenous claws into the land, and to build fortunes for the benefit of the ruling class.

Does the USA still want to grow? We already have more than 95 million people not in the work force, and our "safety net" programs are spending more than they take in. The expansion of robots and AI will worsen these problems as time progresses.

We seem to have two basic choices:
  • become "the camp of the saints" (Trump's alleged solution), or
  • turn into what Venezuela has become (or worse).

The Founders had an entire continent to plunder, and they did. Those riches are gone, and the massive debt with which we now are saddled can NEVER be paid. The world needs a complete "reset" and a debt jubilee.

Those should be the fundamental basis of a NEW declaration of independence which MUST benefit We the People and NOT merely the ruling class.

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  1. By the way, Facebook has called parts of the declaration "hate speech":

    Does FB serve any useful purpose anymore? I know I could live without it.