Wednesday, June 6, 2018

US Regime Change And Its Armies Of "Garbage"

America's "color revolutions" are polished by the Western media to portray opposition as daring heroes. However, the truth is far less flattering, and even compromising. 

Had James Buchanan - writing for the Guardian in his article, "'This country has no freedom!': how Thailand's punks are railing against the junta" - told the truth about who Kitikea ‘Pure Punk’ Kanpim was and the subculture of substance abuse and woman-beating he represented - the article likely would never have been published.

But telling the truth is not the business the Guardian is in - telling narratives that buttress the US-European corporate-driven agenda is. And the agenda for Thailand is regime change.

Just as the Western media sold the world tales of brutal terrorists representing "freedom" and "democracy" in nations like Libya and Syria in 2011 or right wing Neo-Nazis in Ukraine in 2014 - the Western media is rummaging through the lowest common denominator in Thai society to portray a fringe anti-government movement as a "popular uprising."

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The US is in the business of destroying the world to suit its nefarious purposes.

And note well "our" government also is in the process of destroying its own country, apparently for similar nefarious purposes.

I hate to say it, but thank G-d for China and Russia. If justice and stability for We the People are to prevail, it will be up to them. And how ironic is that?

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