Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Bobby Kennedy Died 50 Years Ago

RFK was assassinated 50 years ago today. He was killed by the same deep state which killed his brother.

Here are some interesting facts and speculations about his death:


Here is my initial speculation - Nixon was part of both plots, and both men were killed for a similar reason: to keep the US war machine going.

But one has to ask - who other than Israel has the ability to commit such crimes and cover up all the evidence? Were the Kennedy's somehow standing in the path of the Israelis? And if that is why they were killed, why did so many allegedly loyal, patriotic Americans go along with this coup d'etat? Was it somehow motivated by the type of religious fervor now behind the movement to build the Third Temple in Jerusalem?

We will never know the answers to such questions, and that is a crying shame.

We will, however, eventually get to experience the blowback from the building of that temple, so you better get ready.

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