Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Torture Is Not The Real Problem With Gina Haspel

Everyone is whining about Gina Haspel's alleged direction of the US torture program. You can read about it here:

Using torture is not the real problem. The REAL problem is that Haspel and the rest of the CIA have obscured the reality of 9/11 and successfully sold us a totally BS story about what happened that day.

Bin Laden was NOT responsible for 9/11.

WTC 1 and WTC 2 did NOT crumble midair into dust just because airplanes crashed into them and started relatively small fires.

WTC 7 did NOT collapse as a result of the inconsequential damage it received that day.

There were other parties involved, and other sources of energy which caused the destruction of the buildings. To think otherwise is to attribute the events of 9/11 to physically impossible causes.

And the CIA, whose purpose is to provide LEGITIMATE intelligence to the president, apparently has made NO EFFORT to discover the truth about 9/11 ... and has willingly and (sadly) effectively sold us a fiction seemly designed from the beginning to justify Israel's illegal, depraved wars on Islam and their regional neighbors.

And by the way, why are we so concerned just about torture in the first place, when the CIA also is a major player in drug trafficking and apparently participated in the murder of JFK and possibly the murder of his brother? This criminal organization should have been broken up LONG ago.

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  1. Here is partial support for my argument from Jacob Hornberger:

    Q: Why aren't Congress and the MSM up in arms over the "Murder, Inc." known as the CIA?

    A: They're in bed with the same deep state that nurtures the CIA.