Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Israel Readies For War

On a day to day basis the IDF is busy in the West Bank dealing with Palestinian terrorism and violence, but behind the scenes, its senior command is thinking ahead, assessing long-term regional threats.

According to one senior source from the IDF's Planning Directorate, the military has to be ready for the possibility of a state-to-state conflict with Iran in ten to fifteen years, when the nuclear deal expires, or for the possibility of a much-sooner conflict with Hamas in Gaza.

To that end, the Gideon multi-year working plan, as approved by IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkot, seeks to place war readiness and training at the heart of the IDF's activities, as well as ensuring that there is sufficient ammunition, fuel, and preparations for any range of potential conflicts.

Get real! The first sentence should read something like "on a day to day basis the IDF is busy in the West Bank driving Palestinians out of their homes to make way for more Israeli settlements".

Could the IDF Chief of Staff approve a plan like this on his own authority? I doubt it. This is what the Israeli government wants - perpetual war, not perpetual peace, and the destruction of all perceived threats to the establishment of Greater Israel.

And their war with Iran is likely to be a slaughter - just like the war they (through their US proxies) persuaded Saddam Hussein to wage with Iran, before then persuading the US to invade Iraq and kill Saddam.

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